Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Short Rib Gamble

Whenever you look at a menu with continental fare, there are always three sure things: salmon, a chicken dish and a steak. A chef would have to be a real idiot to mess those up. But it happens. And what is worse than a bad piece of salmon? A thumb in your eye.

The ultimate wildcard is when you see short ribs on the menu. If prepared well, short ribs may taste like the greatest thing you have ever eaten. If they are crappy and fatty, Marley the dog wouldn't touch them. You need to have faith in the restaurant, that they will have the discipline necessary to buy quality meat and slow cook it the way that it needs to be.

We have had them on several occasions, and have seen both extremes. Which is why we are hesitant to order them, and we will only do so if both of us are having them. Because if one of us is going down with a crappy meal, then both of us are going down with a crappy meal.

That's called team spirit. In our world, at least.

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