Wednesday, December 31, 2008

T'is the Season

Fact: We’re good eaters.

Which is why the holidays is when we truly shine. Not that we need an excuse to test out the latest in pastries, but it does make them all the more accessible.

It has been a non-stop month of holiday dinners, brunches and snacking. At about midnight on Christmas I actually felt defeated, declaring mid-bite, “I just can’t chew anymore.” So I took a break.

There was some baking done on our end as well this year, which makes it all the more rewarding while eating. I took one of Giada’s Macaroon recipes and made it come to life. It took a lot, not to finish them before arriving at the fam’s house. Thankfully there were enough to go around when I got there. While making them I did not think the simple act of adding cranberries to these coconut bites would cause such an uproar. Family members left and right were in disbelief. “Who ever heard of putting cranberries in macaroons?” asked dad (several times). They’re related so they still tried them of course. To their surprise they loved them too, so went back for more. Success.

Another fact: We also like to make sure our friends and families eat well. It worries us when they don’t.

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