Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Greatest Love of All

A lot of people have food blogs where they profess deep and profound love for food. Good for them. We have no reason to doubt anyone else's sincerity; it’s just that we think we feel the bond deeper than them. Actually, we know we do. That’s all. We’ve always thought two meals and one pack of candy ahead. Both of us. Since we were five. Maybe earlier.

We look at every meal is a chance to try as many flavors as possible. Salad appetizers? Not gonna happen, unless they contain a meat or a cheese or, preferably both. Lettuce is optional. Seriously. We are on a two-person campaign to have the dreamy Cobb named the nation's official salad. It's a slow grind, but worth it in the long run, don't you think? You don't? Hey, you're crazy.

Last year, we were obsessed with a woman who called herself ‘The Chippie’ and had a blog about potato chips. It was great and she was very funny and kooky. When she disappeared, before we were able to hire her to write about her true love, we were pretty bummed out. We deemed them “mysterious circumstances” around the office, but that was mainly to keep the name ‘The Chippie’ in circulation. In reality, she probably met some normal guy and is, as we speak, hiding her addiction from him; scarfing chips during the commute or at lunch.

There is an assumption that no two people are quite the same when it comes to obsession. We beg to differ. Why? Because the other day, we both independently came to the same conclusion: if either of us had a daughter, we would want her named ‘Autumn’. After the new combo sandwich from Lennys.

That is the God’s honest truth.

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