Saturday, December 27, 2008

Eating Our Words

There are adjectives that elicit reactions deep within us when we read them on menus. The bad ones are obvious: A la carte. Lite. Boiled. Petite.
But the good adjectives—at least in the places that we frequent—are thankfully more plentiful. And descriptive. And they too elicit reactions. Nearly physical ones. Like drooling. That kind of physical.

Here are some of our favorites:

Frosted (as in Donuts)
Fried (as in French Fries)
Melted (as in Cheese)
Stuffed (as in Mushrooms)
Filled (as in Pie)
Saute├ęd (as in Shrimp)
Shaved (as in Truffles)
Sprinkled (as in Jimmys)
Infused (as in Vodka)
Deep-Fried (as in Chicken)
Baked (as in Chocolate Cake)
Braised (as in Osso Buco)
Barbecued (as in Ribs)

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